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Edit your audio files without losing quality


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Nero Wave Editor is a recommended tool you can use to treat all types of audio files without changing or altering the sound quality. Among other actions, you can cut, paste, or edit segments, add silences, or mix files without damaging them.

The interface is designed according to the most basic usability parameters for editing audio tracks so that even those without prior experience can still use it. You can add as many audio files as you want, and when you insert the clip you're going to edit, Nero Wave Editor will show you its sound waves. In this way, the entire sequence of sound is defined and easily viewable, and you can easily select certain sections to focus on.

By just clicking and dragging, you can remove parts, mute them, move them to the beginning, or layer them over other audio files, among many other options. It is a very intuitive tool with hundreds of possibilities.

Once you've edited the file to your liking, you can save the result in many popular formats, including WAV, MP3, and WMA, or keep it as a Nero project to continue working on it at another time. The large number of filters and tools included in this program make it one of the best options not only for creating complex audio but also for doing so while maintaining the audio quality despite these modifications.